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ZetaClear Treat Toenail Fungal Infection


The first thing that you need to know about the toenail fungal infection is that it's no threat to your health, but if you do feel pain or stinging you should definitely consult a medic.

It's like this, it is caused by fungi and it only affects your nail, which is why it can't cause pain because you don't feel pain in the nail. However, if you've seen this infection in other people or if you've seen pictures, the nail can become very distorted, very thick, very discolored and this may cause it to get separated from the nail bed.

The nail bed is pretty much the skin under the nail, the skin of your toe. If this happens, then you will experience some pain but in most cases, it does not happen.Some people don't even apply treatment to this problem and leave the nail as it is, especially if it is not very distorted. It's really up to you. Most people that care about how their nails and toes look, will definitely want to apply treatment because it looks pretty bad.

A product that is currently sold online and that has gotten some attention lately is ZetaClear and it is made to help with treating the toenail fungal infection. It claims to not only kill bacteria and fungi that are causing the infection but also to help your nail recover.

The nail can indeed recover, it can go back to how it used to be, more or less. It doesn't always recover completely but it can certainly be made to look much better.

Unfortunately, there's no evidence that shows the effectiveness of ZeatClear, so, I am not sure if what it claims to do is, in fact, true and if it can do it.

So far the feedback, as in online comments and reviews, has been very mixed. So mixed in fact, that I am skeptical about its effectiveness or I should say about how true and valid some of these reviews and comments are.

If all the reviews and comments are true, then it means that perhaps ZetaClear can work but it works very slowly, it is not very effective, it is inconsistent and it is unreliable.

That doesn't make a good impression on me at all. Some people have used it for more than two months without any significant difference in how the infection looks. You will find a better treatment if you consult with a dermatologist or your healthcare provider/medic. ZetaClear may not be worth the time and the money.

For those that want to give it a shot, visit Zetaclear reviews and find out more about it. It is completely natural and uses 5 different natural oils, like the tea tree oil.

VitaPulse - Where To Buy at Best Prices

Vitapulse is one of the many dietary supplements that instead of promoting weight loss or muscle gain which is what most supplements are for, it contains antioxidants and it's for better protection against free radicals and oxidation. You can buy VitaPulse and try it to see if this is the best option for you. 

Fewer people than you might think know what radicals actually are and how antioxidants work to help protect the body from radicals or even why radicals are harmful. Also some of you might be confused because you may have heard that sometimes radicals can be healthy and that is true but most of them are harmful most of the time.

Sciencen is still studying free radicals and antioxidants and trying to learn more about how they help our health and also how they damage it and how they are involved in health problems like cancer, Alzheimer's, age-related cognitive impairment and so on. Radicals have been linked to such health problems and more and now I want to talk about what radicals are.

Your body is composed of cells, trillions of them but there are things smaller than cells in your body, such as atoms and molecules. Atoms also have something smaller than them, electrons. Electrons are actually the second smallest things in the human body, second only to quarks or gluons which are basically incredibly small particles that make up protons and neutrons.

Electrons usually live in pairs, two electrons sharing a bond, in groups of atoms. Now, when your body produces energy, a function that belongs to the mitochondria which produces ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is chemical energy, reactive oxygen molecules interact with this process and cause the birth of failed bonds of electrons.

The result of this is unpaired electrons, only one instead of two. When unpaired, the single electron becomes highly reactive and starts attacking other atoms, molecules and cells and produces what it is called oxidative damage or oxidative stress.

Chain reactions of these electrons can happen when one electron attacks and steals another from a pair and it continues like that and much damage is done to your body's cells which can damage the cell and affect its health and function or kill it, many can die under oxidative stress.

Antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10, Pyrroloquinoline quinone or N-acetylcysteine which are the three ingredients in Vitapulse actually, offer electrons freely, without any harmful consequence, to these unpaired electrons which bond and stop being radicals and being harmful.

Free radicals is what I will be talking about today, they are in all of us, either produced naturally by your body or by external or enviromental factors like radiation, medication, pollution, smoking, etc.

You can try and reduce their numbers by avoiding harmful factors in the enviroment or unhealthy habits like smoking in your lifestyle but you can never really get rid of all of them as they are naturally made by your metabolism.

Many people know of the term free radical and many also know what they can do and how harmful they can be but few people know what they are. A free radical is an electron that has failed to create a bond with another electron and to form a pair. Normally electrons are found in pairs in atoms or groups of atoms.

This failure to form a pair with another electron leads the lone electron to become unstable and highly reactive, attacking other nearby cells in your body and causing damage to them and to impairing their functions such as the mitochondrial function, damaging the cellular membrane and more.

This thing that they do, this damage that they cause through attacking other cells is called oxidative damage.

There is also something called oxidative stress but it's a little bit different because oxidative stress is when chain reactions of radicals are happening in your body, when an overload of free radicals appear and keep appearing and attack your cells, that is oxidative stress and it is much more dangerous than the oxidative damage that happens normally, it's like your body's cells are bombarded with radicals and oxidative damage.

Radicals are most dangerous when there are too many of them and when the body can't deal with all of them and too many of them can appear when you are exposed to smoking and to radiation and pollution and so on.

Your body deals with them through producing antioxidants, such as Coenzyme Q10 which is an enzyme produced by your cells to protect themselves from radicals and to reduce oxidation.

As you can imagine when oxidative stress happens, the body cannot and will not produce enough antioxidants to cope with the radicals and a great accumulation of damage will happen on the cells.

This can lead to plaque in the blood vessels and arteries, to degenerative illnesses such as canger, to accelerated ageing, arthritis, neurodegenerative problems like age-related cognitive decline or Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, etc.

Antioxidants are key to dealing with radicals and what I recommend is to either add more foods with antioxidants in them like most vegetables and fruits out there or use a dietary antioxidant supplement like Vitapulse.

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OxyHives Review - Best Cure for Hives?

Hello and welcome to a review of Oxyhives. Oxyhives is a spray, you can take a look at it on its official website. This spray is to be used to reduce symptoms caused by hives or urticaria.

This is a skin reaction, an allergic reaction that causes inflammation, red skin, stinging and burning pain, itching, etc. It can last from a day to several months, it can be normal, acute or chronic depending on the symptoms and how long it lasts but it's not dangerous to health unless it's a rare case where it appears in the throat and it can block the airway through which you breathe, due to the inflammation or swelling. It can appear anywhere on the body from the face to the arms, the back, the tongue, etc.

Oxyhives contains apis mellifica 200c, arnica montana 6x, hepar suis 6x, ichthyolum 6x, lachesis 30c, mercurius solubilis 200c, rhus tox. 200c, urtica urens 200c, alcohol 20% as well as purified water and it is distributed by Global Naturals inc in United Kingdoms. I am sure not everyone will be familiar with these ingredients, maybe because they are commonly used in homeopathy, not so much if at all in medicine. Apis mellifica is the body of a honey bee that is taken and crushed into very tiny pieces, then it is mixed with alcohol and then it is diluted. Most ingredients if not all ingredients used in homeopathy are diluted and they can be diluted thousands of times until the potency drops dramatically. In homeopathy it's believed that the more diluted it is, the more effective it is.

Homeopathy is very controversial to say the least, it's been contradicted by science and medicine multiple times, it isn't supported by science or clinical research really and many people, especially scientists, medics, look at homeopathy treatments and tinctures as nothing more than placebo.

This has actually been shown in studies, such as for arnica montana which has been studied, tested and shown to be unreliable and to have a chance effect that is no more than a placebo effect. At its worst homeopathy has been called a quackery which is a term that refers to something being fraudulennt, ignorant of medical practices.

This isn't because scientists or medica have a probem with homeopathy, it's just that it has been tested, as I've said before, and studied to see if it is in fact worthwhile and effective and it just didn't succeed in showing that it can be reliable and better than a placebo.

I mysef don't suffer from any type of allergy, however I do have friends that suffer from allergies and it can be not just stressful or uncomfortable but also painful. What I will be touching on a bit for today is hives or urticaria, different name but the same thing. Also on Oxyhives, a product that might, that claims to help with urticaria symptoms.

Urticaria is a skin allergic reaction where you experience inflammation, burning, itching and stinging pain and it can appear anywhere on the body, even in the throat, it can appear different in size and it can last for a day or even multiple months.

You may have normal urticaria, acute urticaria or chronic urticaria, to find out more about this or to find out what you have you should consult with a medic.

Depending on what you have the medic may recommend something different but generally antihistamine are used, things like Benadryl.

Antihistamine are made for this, because histamine are released in an immune response to help with an infection or a skin allergy, they are produced and released by your body but despite the purpose being a good one, they can end up causing symptoms of stinging, itching and more.

Sometimes your body may overreact and it may result in some side-effects which in the end are for your benefit but while your body is trying to help you, it may not feel that great. Antihistamine can actually block portions of histamine and inhibit their effects so that the symptoms aren't as bad, and they are very efficient. The newer ones are safer as well, in the past they used to cause various side-effects.

Oxyhives however, you just don't know what you're going to get and that's a problem. I'm going to be frank here, it has no clinical or scientific support.

It's a homeopathic product made of homeopathic ingredients, with diluted tinctures like apis mellifica that are also not supported by science and in general are viewed as placebo. You may opt to use it if you like and you may order it from or just read more about it, however there's no credibility, no guarantee of efficiency.

CLA Supplements | Does they Work or Just Hype?


When it comes to CLA, the main problem is reliability. You just can't rely on it. Whenever I read studies or trials about CLA, I read words like "it may" or "maybe" or "potentially" or "could".

Nothing is certain when you take CLA which is why I don't recommend it. Conjugated linoleic acid is surrounded by inflated claims but the truth is that it may or may not work and when it does work, the benefits are quite small.

According to studies you may be able to burn a quarter of a pound of excess fat stored in your body for a whole week when taking CLA supplementation, although this is not very reliable and individual results may very well vary significantly to the point that one individual can not benefit at all, at least in terms of fat burning, from taking CLA.

Caffeine, for instance, is better and more reliable. Individual results do vary with caffeine as well, especially because there is something called tolerance, some people are caffeine tolerant while others, I believe the term is caffeine naive. Basically, if you drink coffee regularly, for instance, your body becomes tolerant to the effect that caffeine has on you so it becomes less effective. Caffeine not only helps you in burning more calories by stimulating/boosting your metabolism but it also mimics adenosine and tricks the adenosine receptors in your brain, thus giving you the sensation that you aren't as tired as you were or would be and you feel as if you have more energy, more endurance so caffeine helps with performance which is great for exercising.

Basically, if you drink coffee regularly, for instance, your body becomes tolerant to the effect that caffeine has on you so it becomes less effective. Caffeine not only helps you in burning more calories by stimulating/boosting your metabolism but it also mimics adenosine and tricks the adenosine receptors in your brain, thus giving you the sensation that you aren't as tired as you were or would be and you feel as if you have more energy, more endurance so caffeine helps with performance which is great for exercising.

CLA just doesn't have the same credibility or reliability as caffeine does and I'm just using caffeine as an example, it could be something else, like guarana which actually has more caffeine in it than coffee beans (even more than twice as much). Conjugated linoleic acid can be found in beef, eggs, milk and other dairy products, safflower, sunflower, etc. It might offer modest results at a dose of 3.4 grams per day, above that it does not appear to offer more significant results despite the increase in dosage.

It might offer modest results at a dose of 3.4 grams per day, above that it does not appear to offer more significant results despite the increase in dosage. Anyway, in 2016, a new CLA supplement was launched, the CLA Safflower Oil. After one year, based on reviews it seems that CLA Safflower Oil diet is quite effective and it can help the weight loss process.

Slim Trim 2000 Forsoklin Researched Review

"I have been using Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin for about 2 weeks now and i have some results but also some complaints and i am unsure wether to continue to use it or not.
I have been feeling bloated and have had some stomach problems ever since i started to use it, i have lost about 5kg, i also ride my bike almost everyday so i am a bit active, i try to stay in shape. It does work, i would not have lost 5 kg just by riding my bike, but the side-effects can be annoying to say the least. I would not recommend  it to people that have health problems since it can be troublesome, but it does work for me."

Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin is among the most popular products right now on the market.
It is used by thousands of people all over the world and it was also featured on Dr. Oz.
In the show, the doctor reviewed it and explained how it works and recommended it to every healthy person that wants to lose weight, calling it the "lightning in a bottle".

Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin is based on the chemical extract of forskolin, from the mint plant, Coelus Forskohlii. The extract can be found in the roots of the plant and it has the property of influencing the production of cyclic AMP or cAMP in the body which makes the muscles of the heart contract and makes the blood vessels larger, helping with heart conditions and high blood pressure. Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin also enhances thermogenesis and the metabolism to burn fat faster and better.

The majority of the user feedback is positive though there are some people for whom Slim Trim 2000 did not work and there are complaints about stomach pains especially.
You should definitely check with a medic before deciding to use or purchase the supplement, in order to avoid problems. FOr more information, please visit the official website of Slim Trim 2000 Forskolin where you can order it online:

Forsoklin Extract Supplements Pro and Cons

"I've been trying to lose weight for a couple of months now but i had no decent results, it was going too slow so i wanted to use a supplement to make the process faster.
I tried with raspberry and with garcinia cambogia since they were all the hype at the time but they didn't work for me, i don't know if it was tough luck or if they really didn't work. Then i tried Forskolin, it was on tv, being reviewed by Dr. Oz, which i watch sometimes, i think more for entertainment than to find information on products.
It's been 2 weeks and a half now and nothing yet, i will keep using it but i don't think i'll get any results. Also, did anyone else feel slight pains in the chest, sometimes? Like pinches or like very slight needle stings. Does this have anything to do with forskolin's influence on the heart and blood pressure? To be honest i am dissappointed with the product, i mean it didn't help at all, therefore i do not recommend it."   - Forskolin user

If you were thinking about trying out the new Forskolin product, then you might want to stop and read for a second, because it's not so much a "lightning in a bottle" as you will soon find out. It's been hyped and all, and it supposedly received positive feedback, but let's forget about comments from users online that could be fake and look at actual facts, because what else tells you that a supplement works more than being approved by the FDA or getting good results in a scientific research or clinical test done on humans? Forskolin has no such thing. No scientific research that it burns fat on humans, no clinical test either. No list of ingredients, no proof that it's safe.

All everyone knows and all i found was that it's based on forskolin extract from the Coelus Forskohlii plant. Then i researched the extract and found out that it is used to treat high blood pressure, skin allergies, heart disorders, etc. But absolutely nothing on fat burning or weight loss.

You can visit the official website for more information or to order Pure Forskolin Extract online, i'm not telling you not to buy it, in fact i don't need to, let the information speak for itself.

Forskolin Thin Review - Lose Weight Fast

Coleus Forskolii is a plant of the mint family and has been used for some time now in multiple medicine and for treating skin problems, allergies, etc. Now a supplement also called Forskolin Thin, named after the chemical substance found in the plant's root, has appeared. It uses the substance to help people lose weight by influencing thermogenesis and enhancing the metabolism. It breaks fat cells in the body and burns/melts the fat, continue reading to find out more.

Forskolin Thin has received good comments and positive reviews from users, it is 100% pure and natural. It has no side-effects and there have ben no such complaints, it is a herbal supplement. Forskolin Thin has been shown that it can influence the lowering of blood pressure.

It is recommended and said to be safe for all healthy people, however, not recommended for some grups of people. And those people are the ones that suffer from illnesses such as diabetes, that take different medication and also women that are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. It is extremely important that you check a medic before using FOrskolin, in order to avoid problems.

"After trying whatever was being praised on Dr. Oz's show to break a plateau I was on, Forskolin seemed to work. I was only on it for 3 weeks and am re-ordering it. I only have 20 pounds to lose, but despite doing cardio, weight training, bike riding, walking, dietary changes, etc., just couldn't get below 130. This works for me."

It is a very safe and easy to use supplement and for more information and also if you decide to purchase it, feel free to visit the official website of Forskolin Thin: